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Build a PC is an online tool provided by Price Guide which lets build a PC of your choice. It can be used to build an office PC or to build a gaming rig.

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    its great

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    awsome website
    made easy for me to choose products

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    Loved this website.. a great help

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  • this page is perfect. i just wish there was more selction and that they were more frequently updated

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    The rite place for perfectionist.

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    Just perfect website For Having a Dream Machine.

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  • Tarunmyid

    the prices should be updated regularly those prices of the HDD are not proper and pls mention the last date of update for every product otherwise it a pretty good site 🙂

    • VCore

      Last modification date is there. For example:

      At the bottom you’ll see: ‘Price listed on 4th February 2011 | Last modified on 31st December 2011’. The last modified on date is the date on which the price was last modified.

  • Rupeshkeyframer2k11

    very useful and informative website for those who are not aware of market prices

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    mast site haii yarooo

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    detailed options available. Good for novice pc builders

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  • Very Helpful!!!

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    hi can someone update the pricelists to the latest..

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    superb,i gotta get my gaming rig!!! 🙂

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    please update all prices to the current rate!! 

  • Wow! Best site! 😀 ur doing a great job 🙂 

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    please update the lists… there are a lotta new components in the market…

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    please add sound cards and headset/headphones 

  • 999sarith

    please update all prices

  • 4fvracc

    why doesnt it work

    • GameHard

      It does work. I just created a list.

  • Wazzzombie

    Pentium g620 price is wrong. The actual price is 3200/- INR.
    Similarly many prices are wrong

    • VCore

      Thanks for the thumbs up. The issue has been rectified. If you come across more, just post on it’s comments page and it will be taken care of. I’ll go through the prices again later and find if there are any other entries like this one.

  • Kmlthesaini

    all is well but price in list out of date pls update price list

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  • Prince Raj

    there are no choice for i ball keyboard and mouse products…..please include them in list

  • Ankan

    why the updating process getting slow day by day??

  • Update the price please….

    Hi, plz can you update the prices? I really appreciate the work done by your team. Thank you.

  • manav

    1 symbol (y)

  • Oh boy life is Settled

  • rajjak

    update the price label of all products

  • ratnesh

    do i have to select both solid state drive and Hard disk , i used to think that both are same

    • VCore

      No, both are different. If you don’t know the difference between the two then chances are, you don’t need a SSD and so you can go ahead with an HDD. And even if you get a SDD, you’ll probably still need an HDD. Due to the nature of SSDs, they are extremely fast. And expensive. A 30 GB SSD will cost you around 3,500 INR (more or less). They are mostly used for running the OS on, and installing applications which you’d want to load fast. Where as for storing data, you’d still continue using a hard drive because if you do the math, you’ll realise a 1 TB SSD could cost you 1 lakh Rupees!

  • Rates are too high and i cannot find FX8150


    if i select any processor, are all other hardwares COMPETEBLE with one another perfectly?

    • Imrit

      The builder takes Processor, Motherboard, RAM and CPU cooler compatibility into consideration. It’s not necessary that other devices will be compatible. Once you create a configuration using this tool, I suggest you post it here to get some compatibility insight:


    also i didn’t find NVIDIA or AMD graphics card

    • VCore

      Nvidia and AMD manufacture only the chipsets that are used by other companies like MSI, Sapphire, and others. AMD does have it’s own line of cards though known as AMD FirePro but it’s intended for workstations.

  • jo jo

    this is really so pricy these are not wholesale rates these are showroom rates

  • Rahul c kapatkar

    not a price to be given buddy

  • These prices are so INFLATED …..Go to Laminton Rd. and you’ll find that these stuff are available at 60-65% rates that are mentioned here…..

    And believe me apart from Monitor (which is of choice/ mostly ) I assure you you can make a GOOD Gaming PC with 22-24 at max 25k (monitor excluded)

  • VinoPall

    Very useful and helpful site…. thanks… gr8 work !!!!!

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    many prices are wrong it needs to update

  • prince

    most of your prices are wrong, plz update

  • rahul Meena

    all prices are wrong and not upkated plzz update

  • Avinash

    it would be better if the products are sort-able according to price so that we can easily choose the product which is available in our budget( like if my budget for graphics card is 4k-8k i can see all the products within that range in a row)

  • Shreejith

    Dude this site is really helpful. Even if prices are not updated still we can get an aprox. value. Thank you for this site. Hope to see with more varieties. Don’t listen to other negative comments, some one ppl never appreciate others. 🙂

  • shreejith

    Fx4100 price is 5600 rs in lamington plz update it.

  • Vijay

    This is really helpful. One of the best tools out there to check out the prices. Really appreciate the work done.

  • Prashant

    Thanks guys…your site is really helpful.
    one suggestion is instead of drop down here…open up a new popup window(fixed or floating) which will have a table listing particular product its price and can filter according to price and from there they can add back. Also u cud add date on the same window when price was updated. Also if possible add compatibility filter for different combination..for e.g. which motherboard is compatible with which processor and so on.

    • VCore

      Thanks for your feedback. It will be taken into consideration. Regarding compatibility, the tool already checks for processor, motherboard and RAM compatibility.

  • please sort the items in the dropdown or give options to sort by price or name
    Provide some custom assembled templates to start up with and then let the users modify from the template. Nice startup though

    • VCore

      Option to sort by price, tile and data is already there…

      Your other suggestion will be taken into consideration.

  • update the price of amd optron and its supported motherboards

  • Kartik Sharma

    Everything is overpriced.

  • anonymous

    THis site is shit. I made a computer that costs 35k for real from HP and it costs here 45k.

  • rocky

    no core 2 quad or core 2 duo
    please add

  • Duke

    Western digital cavier green 2TB price is wrong. Its 5700 INR

  • Rap Wans

    please update your prices…

  • praveenkc93

    asus sabertooth z77 price is wrong .pls update

  • khagesh

    pls add option too find processor between a prie range for myself for me 4000-8000

  • khagesh

    as site name is only price guide so i want processors arramged by price from low to high

  • Mandip Das

    Super outdated and super overpriced stuffs are here!

  • The_Dark_Knight

    AMD FX 6300 is Rs. 7600 not Rs. 8625. You need to update your prices.

  • Keshav Sharma

    you didn’t provided ZEB 450 PSU which cost Rs. 890

  • Keshav Sharma

    i have recently build a pc
    it cost me 25,715 INR here
    can anyone please tell me what will be the market price

    specs i choose are
    intel iCore 3 3210
    4 GB DDR3 ram
    500 GB Hard disk , SATA 3 , 7200 RPM
    intel DH61HO motherboard
    palit GEFORCE GTS 450 1gb GRAPHIC CARD

  • Aditya Verma

    hey admin
    plsssss update ur site
    the intel about the item and prices are outdated
    plsss plss plss update it!!! asap

  • Bhai

    Needs an update for prices

  • :{

    most of your prices are wrong, plz update

  • Rishabh Dhiman

    You should give an option for 2 Hard Disks.

    • Vaibhav

      Why 2 but give 4 nowadays people want it more.

  • Rishabh Dhiman

    There is also no graphic cards from the nVidia GTX 700 series.

  • Sheshank Dubey

    i wanna sell my intel Pentium 4 processor with fan only 1000 mail me [email protected]

    • Dr. D

      dont u think 1000 is quite high for P4!!

  • ujjwal kaushik

    what! no gtx 750 ti or r7 265
    please update it

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  • shastri96

    so according to this site i can build a decent pc around 66k ,k i’m fine with it

  • Ankit

    Why isn’t there any cpu coolers

  • ss


  • Shubham

    Here is not 750ti in list

  • Mukund

    please update the price and the components of pc