Price of Cooler Master HAF X

Buy Cooler Master HAF X Online! Price: 10,700 INR
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Price listed on 27th March 2011 | Last modified on 15th September 2013
  • Gandharvmohansaini

    Can anyone please tell me where to buy this cabinet ?
    i am currently in Roorkee, Hardwar.

    Gandharv Mohan

    • VCore

      Try your local market and purchase it from an online store like deltapage or SMC International.

      • Gandharv

        Thanks for help !

  • Princess Thanvi

    This is really damn cool chassis…I jus’ Love it.

  • overclocking n super cooling

    you can buy this cabinet from nehru place in delhi its havin an authorised center there

    • Gandharv

      Thanks !!

  • 51086rcsaini

    Nehru please Delhi is the best option for this cabinet because many option in Nehru please
    Ramesh chand saini(Ghaziabad) 

    • Gandharv

      Thank u Saini sahab