Price of Intel DH55TC

Buy Intel DH55TC Online! Price: 4,800 INR
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Price listed on 4th August 2010 | Last modified on 26th November 2012
  • Vivek thakur


  • Aravind Mailme

    is this DH55tc is sutable for i3-560?

    • VCore

      The board you have mentioned viz. Intel DH55TC is compatible with Intel’s i3 560 processor. Both use the same socket i.e. LGA 1156.

  • Flavian Penish

    thank you

  • phani

    hi will it work for I3 ,540? what will be the cost of DH55TC MB, where i can get it ?

    • VCore

      It will work but why do you want to buy a motherboard for an i3 540? That processor has reached it’s end of life.

  • suresh

    i am person who uses that configuration, having Intel DH55 TC motherboard,with Intel i3 540 3.06Ghz processor. its working very well. no problems till today. you can buy DH55TC in market.its cost is about Rs.5333.33(including taxes its Rs.5600 ).and remember different shops have different prices.and remember that “if all the clock speeds for processor, RAM, and the graphic card are about equal, then your computer offer nice performance and speed”.

  • RamiJack

    from where i can get this product online for the above price