Apple iPod Touch 64 GB (3rd Generation)

Apple iPod Touch 64 GB (3rd Generation)Apple iPod Touch 64 GB is a three-in-one model that will enable the user to use it as an able iPod, an effective pocket computer and a wonderful easy-to-carry game player. One can download innumerable applications too using it.

There is little doubt when it comes to Wi-Fi operated media players that are portable too that Apple iPod Touch 64 GB stands out as a true leader. This particular product is the third generation of Apple’s iPod Touch. This exemplary product is characterized further by additional features such as advanced accessibility, greater capacity, graphics improvisations and voice control. The media player also boasts a faster processor that enables it be a much preferred device.

Apple iPod Touch 64 GB certainly has everything in it to gain the status of an indispensable iPod with its beautiful and compact looks. It can be said for sure that it entertains every user with its applications and games too.

With it, the user can surf the web and find his location too and get his directions with Google Maps. It is a desirable upgrade over 2G and its battery too lasts a little over 30 hours for music playback. It is priced at around 19,500 INR.

Posted in Media Players on 14th August 2010