Samsung Epic 4G

Samsung Epic 4GThe Samsung Epic 4G Android Phone is a wireless-N Wi-Fi networking featured phone with a 5-megapixel camera that provides HD video recording too. Its powerful battery is characterized by improved talk time and standby time.

The box that contains the Samsung Epic 4G Android Phone handset has also in it a charger, 16 GB microSD card, user manual and rechargeable battery. An additional feature of this attractive phone is that it is embedded with Amazon MP3 Store and Sprint TV. Sprint Navigation helps the user to follow GPS turn-by-turn directions. It features a video store that enables the user to buy movies and videos of his choice.

Epic 4GSince the Samsung Epic 4G Android Phone is available with an installation of Android Market, it will be possible for the user to browse through the innumerable apps therein. The super AMOLED touchscreen provides a brighter and thinner display and it measures 4 inches in breadth. This wonderful display technology enables the user to watch movies and videos and play games too to his heart’s contentment.

The Samsung Epic 4G is going to be available at a price of around 17,000 INR. If you are purchasing a Samsung phone online then be sure to check out the offers on Samsung phones at Promotions India.

Posted in Smartphones on 1st September 2010